Daddy issues are universal and exist no matter your age, ethnic background, gender or financial status. Phil Davis Sr, CEO and founder of Alemaedae Theater Productions, has created a new TV Series that deals with these issues entitled "Daddy's Girl Club". This show not only focuses on the women with daddy issues but men who have them as well. Several characters deal with various issues such as domestic violence, depression, abandonment, substance abuse, sexual assault and molestation, among others. This show was created to not only bring attention to these problems but act as a healing mechanism for those who suffer from these issues. A few of the central characters throughout the series take advantage of counseling services, including but not limited to interpersonal therapy and anger management and the show displays the benefits thereof. Each character’s story in the series reveals how some of them overcome these problems in spite of their issues. 

This project uses homegrown talent from the WNY area as the cast and crew.  The original pilot episode has been shown at various locations since 2016. The first private screening was held at Buffalo Academy for the Visual & Performing Arts in December 2016.  The show received positive feedback by those in attendance and those people are looking forward to seeing future episodes. Since the first screening we have been holding monthly public screenings at various venues including Canisius College, Merriweather Library, and McKinley High School.  The series is currently streaming on the SkoVu TV network as of Feb 2019 and Amazon Prime as of Dec 2019. 

We have collaborated with and donated part of proceeds from one of our screenings to Crisis Services. As we continue to promote our project, we will be hosting events in collaboration with organizations that help individuals affected by the various issues the characters in the show deals with. We will donate part of the proceeds from the event to the organization we’re partnering with and immediately after the screening of the pilot episode, we will have representatives of the organization participate in the Q&A talk back session, where they can promote the benefits of their organization and distribute any promotional material.    If you feel that your organization can benefit from collaborating with our company please contact us at 716-250-9935 or for more information.

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Tionna, 40, is a divorcee that has had terrible luck with every man she’s been in a relationship with. She has a vendetta against men from an experience from her past involving a family member that molested her and the fact that when she brought it to her father’s attention he wouldn’t believe her and insulted her. Her father, Rodney, was always stern with her but did shower her with gifts growing up. He was very strict which led her to rebel at times but for the most part she stayed a good girl. Her father also had another child while still married to her mother. However her mother stayed and never left which she never forgot. She would always stay faithful to whomever she dated but it just never seemed to work out as they would either cheat on her or expect her to take care of them. She is currently conversing with her friend and co-worker Michael who is an absolute gentleman that is really fond of her but her dislike for the male species causes them to have arguments and disagreements, as well as trust issues.