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 Words can't express how proud I am of Buffalo Public School graduate, Mr. Phil Davis Sr., for his work on this series! Most men and women alike can relate to at least one of the characters portrayed as well as life challenges that the characters experience. My hope is that this series will serve as a springboard for critical dialogue, reflection, and introspection. Daddy's Girl Club is a must see! ~ Dr. Ramona Reynolds, Office of Parent & Family Engagement

 A local director is on a mission to help people dealing with deep rooted pain.

In order to connect with people, he has created a new TV series called, “Daddy’s Girl Club.” ~ Brittni Smallwood, BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) 

A Brand New Series That Follow Four Different Women Who's Past Daddy Issues Affect Their Lives and Those of People Around Them in the Present.

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